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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Guess who's back, back again

On the 16th of June I was supposed to become an angel…. Good evening world I’m Estella and I’m still a bugger (did I spelt it right?)
17 days intubated in ICU, 3 almost death experiences and another 17 days in HDU took me where I stand now, almost home. Tomorrow I’ll be going home for the day and then for a whole 24h, and then the D word, the one no doctor nor nurse nor physio dares to say.
I’m taller now and bigger, 5 kilos and 370 grams of stubbornness and cheeky smiles. I talk about home but I don’t remember much to be honest, I remember mummy and daddy’s big bed, the big 42 inches TV and that’s about it.
For somebody who hasn’t been in hospital before this may sound funny but HDU is the closest to home that kids like me have sometimes. I made lots of friend here, I’m spoilt rotten by everybody, I have long baths and still go to the park to check on my feather ducks… I still prefer the ones with the lights though. This is a happy place where miracles happen everyday, kids are kids and are strongly grabbed by the ankles to avoid them from becoming angels.
My grandparents are also here, they have been here all the way, like mummy and daddy, till I felt better and learnt how to breath by myself again.
From this month in hospital I got a Vpap machine to sleep with and a feeding tube which is the best invention since the smarties… not that I know smarties are good but that is what people with actual teeth say.
Although I could eat by myself I prefer the NG tube, a device worth of Homer Simpson as you are fed without having to swallow nor suck. Mummy is giving me little tastes so I get use to eat normally again, but to be honest I cant be bothered. Also I discovered I don’t like Greek yogurt nor orange juice but I would love a bit of mummy’s chicken pesto sandwich… I know I know you will say I have no teeth… yet
Anyway from now on I’ll try to write more often as I intend to live a long time, just for the sake of ruining statistics or for being in Science books or just for the hell of it.
I’m going now, tomorrow will be a big adventure and I need to be rested.
Thank you Sheffield Children’s hospital for each of my breaths, for painting a smile on my family, for returning me to my mother’s arms and giving her back her hope on a brighter future. For kidnapping angels from Heaven everyday and make this life worth to fight for