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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

manic tuesday

Hi there!
Today has been busy, very busy, I would even say hectic if that word wasn't too posh for a baby. This morning I went to the Neurologists Dr Baxter, really nice guy. Mummy couldn't understand a single word of what he was saying because as daddy said he talked proper English and mummy has a mixture of Yorkshire with Manuel from Falwty Towers. Anyway after lots of translating the conclusion is that I'm doing pretty well.
Also I went to the Physio, Helen, Gina from the Helena Nursing Team also came. Gosh I love those mirrors they have and that glossy paper and that they played with me almost for an hour... for some reason they kept stretching my legs but I liked that too. Mummy was very proud of me, I could see that in her eyes and her smile everytime somebody said how pretty I am.
After physio mummy and I went for a walk and after that we talked to grandpa, well mummy did the talk and I did the noises. I'm very excited because they will see me in 3 weeks and that only means one thing...Helium Balloons!!
when daddy arrieved home I  was comatose already, I didn't even have a bath tonight. I just lied in my hammock watching Britain's got Talent. It is true what mummy says that life is just a full circle, when you are tiny like me you enjoy noisy and colourful stuff on tv to keep you awake, like babiestv, when you are elderly  you enjoy noisy and colourful stuff on tv to keep you awake, like Stricktly come dancing.
I think I have a wise old person in me and every now and then it shows when I look at my parents, is when I tell them not to worry, Everyday is precious and you only have to see it through my newborn eyes to understand that.

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Monday, 30 May 2011

Twinkle twinkle little lamp

Today mummy and daddy took me to ikea as it was raining and I'm getting far too big for my Moses and my bathtub. At first I didn't get why that commotion, so many people trying to buy furniture in foreing that you have to make yourself and there are always too many pieces left (that's what mummy says). And then the light department, I absolutely adored it! It was like being in space, well at least as I imagine space, an infinite room full of low consumption bulbs. When I grow up I'm going to be a sales representative for tiffany's :)
If you want to donate to the Jennifer Trust

Sunday, 29 May 2011

What do you do so they like you...the twitter junky

Mummy is trying to get people to know about my blog so she is trying twitter and facebook. It is weird how people you don't know suddenly become so important... 4 followers made her day. My day was made by the fact that daddy is home and I can have a nap on him, he doesn't seem to worry about me ruining his t-shirt

Saturday, 28 May 2011

What is that coming over the hill...

At first I thought it was the pipes, a high speed train, a tsunami... Then when I saw my mum's eyes all bloodshoted I realised... That's just daddy snooring!

good evening world

Today I have tried to improve my blog, I didn't want my mum to put that picture of hello kitty but my mum is bigger and knows how to use the internet better than me... it's the sort of picture that can report mummy to social services or send me to a psychologist when I grow older.
I had a moral dilemma also, probably my first... if you are half British, half Spanish, who do you support Barcelona or Manchester United? after a lot of thinking...around 90 minutes, I decided that whoever wins :)

Friday, 27 May 2011


3 am and I wet mummy's bed again... Nobody's perfect :)

today I'm writing my first post

My name is Estella and I may be the youngest blogger in town with 3 months 3 days and 10 hours in this world I find amazing.
The reason why I'm calling my blogg no more angels is because is a term used for babies like me, with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type I. Well in my case, I dont want to be an angel, I preffer being a buggar, a garden pixie as mummy call me. I want to have the time to learn from my mistakes and try all the ice-creams available, and have a pet, and not clean the pet... well all the things that normal kids do.
My famely and I are very hopeful a cure will be found but funding is needed as is a quite rare disease.
Can you help me?
From now on my bloggs will be about happy normal things, I promise... I don't want to depress anybody, psychologists have enough funding already :)